Breville BSM600SIL The Infuser

Model: BSM600SIL
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  • The Smoking Gun from Breville is a true innovation in Molecular Gastronomy. This is the only device that can quickly and effortlessly infuse food and drinks with natural smoky flavors from cool smoke. This alternative smoking method can be applied to cooked or raw foods, and even to foods and liquids that could not endure traditional smoking methods. Try it on sushi, butter, meringue, eggs or chicken salad. Even soups, emulsions and cocktails, the possibilities are endless! 

    1. Smoking gun with dual speeds and cold smoke system
    2. Stable, standing design
    3. 18-inch nozzle extender hose
    4. Four AA batteries
    5. 2 wood chip samples
    6. Removable silicone smoke tube directs smoke to where it's needed
    7. Removable burn chamber with large opening for easy cleaning, filter change and loading of wood chips
    8. Recipe cards, instruction booklet, and 2 mesh filters

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