Samsung 5100 Series Front Load Washer and 5000 Series Electric Dryer Set

Model: BNDL5100Series
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  • The Samsung 5.2 cu. ft. washer WF45M5100AW can make laundry day easier. Eight cycles can tackle everything from bed sheets to gym clothes, while Vibration Reduction Technology PLUS reduces noise and vibration as the washer works. Smart Care technology makes it easier to diagnose and troubleshoot problems.

    The Samsung DV42H5000EW 7.5 cu. ft. electric dryer can tackle it all. Featuring a variety of drying cycles and a moisture sensor, this dryer is efficient at drying everything from delicate to bedding. Small Load Care enables superior drying performance for smaller loads up to 2lb.

  • Washer Features

    5.2 cu.ft. Large Capacity

    Washer capacity has a direct impact on how much time you spend doing laundry. Larger tub size means fewer loads, and fewer loads means more time doing other things you love. With a washer capacity of 5.2 cu. ft. you can quickly wash more laundry in a single load, saving you time and effort.

    Keeps your front load washer fresh

    For the ultimate in convenience, the new Samsung washing machine’s SelfClean+ technology keeps the drum, and also the gasket, clean to get rid of accumulated dirt without using harsh chemicals

    Easy troubleshooting from your smartphone

    The new Samsung washing machine’s innovative Smart Care technology is an error-monitoring system. It detects and diagnoses problems and provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions through the LED screen, using a smartphone App*.

    * Available on Android and iOS devices.

    Dryer Features

    Peaceful Washing

    VRT™ technology reduces noise to an incredibly low level. Its innovative tub design balances heavy loads quietly and with ease.

    Easy troubleshooting from your smartphone

    Smart Care detects and diagnoses errors at an early stage and sends easy troubleshooting solutions to your smart phone

    Ideal Drying Time for Your Clothes, Plus Extra Energy Savings with Sensor Dry

    Sensor Dry automatically adjusts drying time by sensing moisture so your clothes don’t over or under dry.

    Better drying of smaller loads

    Small Load Care that delivers best drying performance up to 2 lbs of load, thanks to a unique drum rotation mechanism where the drum repeats a 5-minute exercise of stop-and-go (when it stops , the load on top drops to the bottom to break loose the load)

  • Washer Specifications:

    Washing Capacity

    Washing Capacity (cu.ft) - 5.2


    Body color - White

    Door - White

    Panel Display - LED


    Cycle time (min) - 59

    Energy Star Certification - Yes

    Energy Consumption (annual) - 102

    MEF - 3.0

    WCF - 2.9


    Internal Heater - No

    Motor  - DD

    Self Clean+ - Yes

    Smart Care - Yes

    Spin Speed - 1300


    Cycle List - Normal, Heavy Duty, Perm Press, Bedding, Active Wear, Delicates, Quick Wash, Rinse + Spin

    Number of Cycle - 8

    Number of Option - 9

    Option List - Self Clean +, Delay End, My Cycle, Extra Rinse, Extra Spin, Sound (Option), Spin Only (Option), Smart Care, Child Lock (Dual Long)

    Physical specification

    Net Dimension (WxHxD) - 686 x 984 x 864 mm

    Net Weight - 99 kg

    Dryer Specifications:

    Drying Capacity

    Drying Capacity (cu.ft) - 7.5 cu.ft


    Body color  -White

    Door - White

    Panel Display - LED

    Chrome Deco - No

    Top Cover - PCM


    Cycle time (min) - 42 min

    Energy Star Certification - No

    Energy Consumption (annual)  -644 kWh/year

    DOE Energy Factor - 3.73 lb/kWh

    Motor Spec (HP) - 1/3


    Interior Drum Light - Yes

    Smart Control - No

    Smart Care - Yes

    Reversible Door - Yes

    Child Lock - Yes

    Delay End - No

    Delay Start - No

    Door Lock - No

    Drum type - Front Load

    Drying Rack - No

    Dual Heater - No

    Filter Check Indicator - Yes

    Mixed Load Bell - Yes

    My Cycle - Yes

    Progress Indicator - Yes

    Steam - No

    Vent Exhaust (Electric/Gas) - 4 ways

    Vent Sensor - No

    Wrinkle Prevent - Yes

    Number of Drying Level - 4 EA

    Number of Temp. Level - 4 EA

    Number of Time Level - 3 EA


    Number of Cycle - 9

    Number of Option - 10

    Cycle List - Normal, Heavy Duty, Perm Press, Bedding, Delicates, Time Dry, Air Fluff, Quick Dry, Wrinkle Release

    Option List - Mixed Load Bell, Wrinkle Prevent, Small Load Care, My Cycle, Adjust Time (up / down), Sound, Child Lock, Smart Care, Drum Light

    Physical specification

    Net Dimension (WxHxD) - 27.0 x 38.7 x 32.4"

    Net Weight - 57 kg

    Gross Dimension (WxHxD) - 745 x 1075 x 850 mm

    Gross Weight - 61 kg

    Voltage/Frequency - 240 V / 60 Hz

    Heating Element (KW) - 5300 W

    Power Resource - Electric

    Drum Material - Powder Coat

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