Electrolux 627 Series Front Load Washer and Electric Dryer in Titanium

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  • Electrolux's Front Load Washer is powered by the LuxCare® wash system that thoroughly cleans with its improved wash actions and temperature control. The combination of StainSoak™ and Perfect Steam™ technologies optimizes settings to clean and remove tougher stains. For those who take athletics, sports, and fitness seriously there is the Activewear cycle to thoroughly clean these garments while still protecting them for extended use.

    Front Load Perfect Steam™ Electric Dryer protects your clothes from over-drying, but also to help make sure you don’t have wet clothes left in the load. Remove wrinkles and quickly refresh items with steam in 10 minutes. Gently tumbles your clothes without heat to keep them tangle-free--perfect for when you cannot remove clothes right after the cycle ends.

  • Washer Features:

    1. The most effective stain-removing washer with SmartBoost®
    2. World's First Adaptive DispenserTM designed to accept PODS®
    3. Perfect SteamTM removes tough stains
    4. Thorough cleaning with the LuxCare® Wash System
    5. 15-Minute Fast Wash
    6. Solid soil level cleans caked on stains
    7. Sanitize option
    8. StainSoakTM option eliminates pre-treat
    9. ENERGY STAR® Certified
    10. Activewear Cycle
    11. 10-Year Motor & Lifetime Tub Warranty
    12. Perfect Balance® System/Second Floor Guarantee
    13. Fits more rooms with 27" platform
    14. Fits more rooms with reversible washer door
    15. Extra Large Capacity
    16. Extended Refresh
    17. 9 cycles to care for every fabric
    18. Brilliant LED display shines in even the darkest laundry rooms
    19. Platinum Star® Limited Warranty
    20. Luxury-Design® Lighting
    21. Delay Start
    22. Automatic Water-Level Adjustment
    23. Control Lock
    24. More installation options

    Dryer Features:

    1. Predictive DryTM more accurately predicts dry times
    2. Help prevent over or under drying with LuxCare® Dry System
    3. Instant Refresh Cycle revives fabrics
    4. 15-Minute Fast Dry
    5. ENERGY STAR® Certified
    6. Perfect SteamTM wrinkle release option
    7. Extended Tumble Option keeps clothes tangle-free
    8. Platinum Star® Limited Warranty
    9. 9 cycles to care for every fabric
    10. Fits more rooms with reversible door
    11. Optional pedestals and stacking kit for more installation options
    12. Luxury-Design® Lighting
    13. Brilliant LED display shines in even the darkest laundry rooms
    14. Luxury-QuietTM Sound System
    15. Control Lock


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