BOSCH NETP668SUC Benchmark® Electric Cooktop 36 Inch In Black

Model: NETP668SUC
  • Description
  • Features
  • Specifications
  • The Benchmark® Series Electric Cooktop Is Sleek in Design, and Features AutoChef® Technology to Maintain Precise Cooking Temperatures
  • Design
    High-end Stainless Steel Frame for a Premium Look
    Cooktop Design Coordinates with Bosch Ovens and Ventilation
    AutoChef® Sensor - A Bosch Exclusive. Maintains Exact Frying Temperature for Perfect Results and Convenient, Healthy Cooking
    PowerStart® - Initial Maximum Power Output, Then Automatic Decrease to Pre-Selected Temperature. Avoids Boil Overs
    Three-Zone 11" Heating Element with Powerful 3080 Watt Element. Three Heating Zone Sizes in One. Accomodates a Variety of Pan Sizes.
    Dual Elements Offer the Capability to use Multiple Pan Sizes
    PreciseSelect® Premium - Direct Cooking Level Selection (17 Settings)
    Cook Timer - Set a Cook Time For Any Element With Automatic Turn Off Once the Set Time Has Elapsed
    Kitchen Timer - Built-in Timers for Each Element. Doubles as General-Purpose Kitchen Timer
    Count Up Timer – Stopwatch Function That Enables Close Monitoring of the Progress of Each Dish
    CleanLock - Prevents Unwanted Changing of Setting While Cleaning Spills
    Keep Warm Function - Allows Meals to Remain Ready to Serve
    ReStart - Quickly Reinstates Previous Settings
    Two-Level Heat Indicator - Warns if Cooktop is Warm or Hot
    ChildLock - Prevents the Cooktop from Being Accidentally Switched On, Locks Temperature Settings if in Use
  • General
    Energy source : Electric
    Type of control : Direct Select 2.0, front
    Safety device : childproof lock, Key Lock, Safety time-switch-off
    Features : 17 power levels, 5 frying levels, Direct Select 2.0, fryingSensor Plus, Keep warm function
    Construction type
    Color of frame : Stainless steel
    Color of surface : Black, Stainless steel
    Construction type : Built-in
    Number of electric elements : 0
    Number of electric cooking zones : 5
    Number of gas burners : 0
    Number of halogen elements : 0
    Installation Type : Built-in
    Total number of cooktop burners : 5
    Number of radiant elements : 5
    Number of electric warming zones : 0
    Size and weight
    Overall appliance dimensions (HxWxD) (in) : 1/4" + 4" x 37" x 21 1/4"
    Net weight (lbs) : 33.000
    Minimum distance from counter front (in) : 2 1/4"
    Minimum distance from rear wall (in) : 2"
    Cooking zone 1
    Dimension of 1st heating element (in) : 7"
    Location of 1st heating element : front left
    Power of heating element (kW) : 1.8
    Type of heating element : Radiant heating
    Cooking zone 2
    Location of 2nd heating element : center left
    Cooking zone 3
    Dimension of 3rd heating element (in) : 7"
    Location of 3rd heating element : back left
    Power of 3rd heating element (kW) : 1.8
    Type of 3rd heating element : Radiant heating
    Cooking zone 4
    Location of 4th heating element : middle back
    Cooking zone 5
    Dimension of 5th heating element (in) : 6"
    Location of 5th heating element : back right
    Power of 5th heating element (kW) : 1.2
    Cooking zone 6
    Location of 6th heating element : center right
    Cooking zone 7
    Dimension of 7th heating element (in) : 5" ; 8"
    Location of 7th heating element : front right
    Power of 7th heating element (kW) : 0.8 ; 1.9
    Type of 7th heating element : Radiant heating
    Cooking zone 8
    Location of 8th heating element : front middle / central
    Cooking zone 9
    Dimension of 9th heating element (in) : 11" ; 6" ; 8"
    Location of 9th heating element : front centre/cent
    Power of 9th heating element (kW) : 1.05 ; 2.2 ; 3.08
    Type of 9th heating element : Radiant heating
    Power on indicator :
    Residual heat indicator : Separate
    Safety device : childproof lock, Key Lock, Safety time-switch-off
    Main on/off switch :
    Frequency (Hz) : 60
    Energy source : Electric
    Watts (W) : 9,700


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