Breville BREBGR200XL Panini Grill

Model: BREBGR200XL
by Breville
Sold out

Patented Base Plate Tilt Dial 

Cooking dimensions: 28.5 x 27cm 

1500 watts 

Cooks everything from sandwich to steaks from 360°F (175°C) to 420°F (225°C) 

Two ribbed plates 

Dishwasher safe drip tray 

Quantanium™ non-stick surface 

Locking clip 

Adjustable Grilling Height Control

Use the Panini Grill for a savory smoked chicken Panini with crispy pancetta, or for sweet treats like mascarpone and amoretti. With the adjustable height control, you can grill delicate ingredients such as fish and hamburger buns without squashing.

The ribbed, non-stick cooking plates offer a 115-square-inch cooking surface to accommodate steaks and Artisan breads. And the extendable feet can be flipped forward to level the bottom cooking plate, or flipped backwards to angle the bottom plate and drain the maximum amount of fat while cooking.

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