Breville BRE BTM800XL The Tea Maker

Model: BREBTM800XL
by Breville
Authorized Dealer

Hot water max. 1.5L/6 cup. Tea Max. 1.2L/5 cup

1500W rapid boil

The stainless steel tea basket is automatically lowered & lifted out of the heated water. The movement allows water to circulate freely around the tea leaves for maximum infusion

5 pre-set temperature settings recommended for optimal brewing of Green (175 F), White (185 F), Oolong (195 F), Herbal or Black (212 F), Plus a customizable temperature setting for other tea varieties

3 pre-set tea strengths recommended to achieve Strong, Medium, or Mild tea brews. Plus a customizable brew time setting to suit your personal taste.

Keep warm button keeps the heated tea warm for up to 60 min. and can be activated before, during or on completion of the water heating cycle.

Schott Glass

Jug lid with integrated stainless steel scale filter

Stainless steel tea basket

Auto start automatically begins brewing a ta pre-selected time

Time since brew LCD timer monitors the freshness of the brewed tea 

Cordless jug

360 multi-directional base with cord storage wrap

Safety Auto Shut-Off and boil dry protection

Breville Assist Plug

BPA free - all parts in contact with water & tea

Included: tea scoop (1 teaspoon), Revive organic tea cleaner packet

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