Chambers 12 cu ft Bottom Mount Retro Refrigerator

Model: CRBR-2412BR
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  • Underneath this timeless shape there is an inspiringly practical cooling appliance.  A combination of vintage design and a choice of passionate colours make this refrigerator a welcome emphasis in your kitchen interior.  As a design item it can also be easily placed in the living room, which comes in especially handy in smaller urban nests, but also in modern open-space living environments.  Each retro refrigerator boasts optimal space usage, an elegant character and all the helpful features one would expect from a true charmer.  Whether it is nostalgic Champagne, seductive Red, sleek Silver or midnight Black, these modern icons are an instant hit wherever they pop up.
  • Inverter Compressor
     Inverter Compressors are more silent, have a longer useful life and they are more economical compared to those with a conventional compressor. Whenever the temperature in the fridge interior rises as a result of door opening, the inverter compressor delivers rapid and effective coolingChambers to prevent the food from spoiling.  

    Ion Generation
    IonAir with MultiFlow 360 °C - Advanced technology in the refrigerators emulates the natural process of ionization to keep the food fresh longer. Negatively charged ions generated by the appliance continuously refresh the air to mimic a natural microclimate, thus creating the ideal environment for fresh food. The MultiFlow 360° ventilation system evenly distributes the ionized air through 14 ventilation slots to maintain constant temperature on every shelf. 

    A refrigerator that listens? Yes. AdaptTech learns to recognize your habits by monitoring and analyzing how you use your refrigerator. Then, it maintains the ideal temperature in the refrigerator regardless of how often the fridge is accessed, offsetting the thermal shock that foods suffer when exposed to warm exterior air from an open door. Predictive, progressive AdaptTech lowers the refrigerator temperature before you open the door, ensuring a stable climate and fresher food.

    SimpleSlide Shelves
    Bottle shelf with fixed trap - This highly practical shelf enables a systematic storage of items that are taken out of the refrigerator with the highest frequency: upright cartons and 1/2 gallon bottles can be stored in the deep holder at the back while smaller items and jars can be placed in the shallow holder in the front. The shelf is positioned in the most accessible, easy-to-see spot, which also makes it within easy reach of children.

    Cools food fast after shopping
    This cutting-edge cooling function drops the refrigerator temperature rapidly to ensure foods cool down to appropriate temperatures fast when the fridge is newly stocked – like right after a major weekly shopping trip.

    An Energy Star!
    All Chambers refrigerators feature superior thermal insulation and enhanced door sealing, eco-friendly inverter compressors, and technological improvements that reduce power consumption. A refrigerator that can boast one of the highest energy efficiency ratings.

    Additional Features:

    1. CrispZone with HumidityControl: Large vegetable drawer with humidity regulation
    2. NoFrost Plus
    3. SimpleSlide height adjustable door shelves
    4. 4 Glass shelves
    5. Wire bottle rack
    6. XtremeFreeze: very intensive freezing in the upper freezer drawer
    7. LED strip lighting
  • ITEM WEIGHT (In Lbs) 185.02
    ITEM HEIGHT (In Inches) 79
    ITEM WIDTH (In Inches) 26
    ITEM DEPTH (In Inches) 31
    Assembled Weight (In LBS) 176
    Assembled Height (In Inches) 76.375
    Assembled Width (In Inches) 23.625
    Assembled Depth (In Inches) excl handle 26.34
    Warranty Blurb 2 Year Limited Warranty
    Energy Star Yes
    Energy Rating 322

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