EluneVision 84" x 84" Portable Tripod Projector Screen EV-TR-84x84-1.2-1:1

Model: EV-TR-84x84

The EluneVision Tripod Projector Screen is all about portability and practicality. This 84" screen is easy to pack up and transport, so you can enjoy a 67" x 50" viewable surface wherever you need it. It features an ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle, as well as an adjustable telescoping mechanism that makes it simple to raise or lower the screen.

This 84" portable projector screen provides a 4:3 aspect ratio, ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angle, and 67" x 50" viewable surface

The black frame absorbs any stray light and creates a perfectly black outline to improve contrast and corner sharpness

The portable design makes it easy to pack up, transport, and store

The telescoping mechanism is adjustable so you can raise or lower it as needed

Recommended for use with any 1080p projector for the best image quality

The Cinema White fabric provides 1.2 gain and is burn-resistant, mildew-proof, and antistatic-treated to shrug off any dust

The screen can be washed if needed, to maintain the sharp imagery

The triple-layered screen material provides excellent image colour and uniformity: the first layer is the optical viewing surface, the second layer is a fiberglass layer for strength and durability, and the third layer is a light-absorbing black backing

Image Area Diagonal Length 84 in

Aspect Ratio 4:3

Width 195.6 cm

Height 20.3 cm

Depth 15.2 cm

Width (Inches) 77 in

Height (Inches) 8 in

Depth (Inches) 6 in

Weight 11.25 kg

Warranty Labour 1 Year(s)

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