EluneVision Reference PureBright 4K Fixed-Frame EV-F4-135-4K-2.4

Model: EV-F4-135-4K-2.4

1. Performance

Reference 2D and 3D Performance

The Reference PureBright 4K material, after 2 years of development, is ready for environments hostile for projection. A special optical coating was developed to boost brightness levels over 240% from a standard matte white screen while retaining the main key features of our Reference series screens. These features include:

Perfect Colour Accuracy

No texturing, sparkles or graininess

No hot-spotting

Designed for Increased 3D Brightness

With today’s 3D projectors, brightness is a key issue due to the active glasses. The Reference PureBright 4K helps to resolve this problem with the large increase in gain and brightness. This screen is recommended if 3D viewing is the majority of your viewing.

Reference 2D and 3D Performance

The Reference PureBright 4K series of screens is designed to maximize detail, resolution and uniformity for both 2D and 3D projection. To get the best 3D immersive experience, the screen must be free from artifacts, hot spots and textures. Any flaw in the material and in the reproduction will contribute to a loss of immersion and viewer fatigue due to increased cross talk.

Retro-Reflective - Proper Installation Required

To achieve the high brightness output, Reference PureBright 4K screens are retro-reflective, which means the light is focused and reflected directly back towards the light source, rather than scattered equally in all directions. In this way, the light from the projector is concentrated and amplified within a smaller viewing cone. This means proper installation is crucial to get the best picture from the Reference PureBright 4K Screen.

Installation Guidelines:

Place the projector as close as to the eye level of the viewing audience (table-mounting, shelf-mounting or ceiling mount with longer drop-down). EluneVision recommends the lens of the projector to be placed no more than 4.5 feet from eye level.

The projector and the audience should be horizontally centered with respect to the screen, as this will give dramatically higher brightness, contrast, and ambient-light rejection properties

The Reference PureBright 4K screen (and any other high-gain or ambient light-rejecting screen) is not recommended in the following room scenarios:

The projector is mounted at a height much different than the viewing audience's eye level

The projector is not horizontally centered with respect to the screen and/or the sitting arrangement is not tightly horizontally centered with the screen

Texture-Free Screen Surface

Just like with the Reference Studio 4K 100 material, much effort was spent designing the ambient-light rejecting Reference PureBright 4K 240 projection material that is texture-free and glitter-free. The result is that the Reference PureBright 4K 240 materials has an extremely smooth and pit free surface. The EluneVision Reference PureBright 4K screens have the highest clarity, sharpness and definition of any high-gain projection screen released to date. This means, simply, that the geometry of each projected pixel remains as the projector manufacturer intended, with zero texturing, zero glittering leading to zero pixel degredation.

To illustrate this point, see the screen material texture comparison below, showing our Reference Studio 4K 100 material, which has no texturing an absolutely smooth material surface.

From the above comparison it is clear that, just like the EluneVision Reference Studio 4K material, the EluneVision Reference PureBright 4K 240 material is extremely smooth. Not only is it the smoothest high-gain material on the market, but it is also smoother than all but the most-expensive low-gain materials on the market. EluneVision is very proud to have engineered a high-gain material which is unrivalled in its smoothness. The end result is that, whether using a 1080p or 4K resolution projector, our high-gain material will not down-sample your video signal. The same cannot be said of other manufacturers' high-gain materials for 1080p signals, let alone future 4K projectors.

Perfect Pixel Geometry

The lack of texture leaves pixel geometry perfectly intact with our material. Why is this important? With 1080p projectors now standard, EluneVision’s Reference PureBright 4K material ensures that the effective resolution remains at 1080p, while other (more expensive) competitors degrade the pixel geometry to the point that the effective resolution is no longer even close to 1080p. Also due to the fact that there is zero texturing and perfect preservation of detail clarity, the Reference PureBright 4K material will perfetly resolve 4K resolution in both today’s high end and future 4K projectors - significantly boosting performance for your projector today, while saving you an additional screen upgrade in the future.

No Sparkles or Graininess - Complete Invisibility of Screen Material

Due to the use of a perfectly smooth material, the screen has absolutely zero sparkles. The Reference PureBright 4K 240 material will easily pass any of the common sparkle tests, which include fast action bright scenes such as hockey. This means that viewer will always see the image displayed on the screen as the projector manufacturer intended, and will never see the annoying imperfections present on competitors’ screen materials. This is in direct contrast to other high-end ambient-light rejecting screens which display very visible and annoying sparkles that take away from the immersion of the home theater.

Moire Free With All Projection Technologies

When an image's pixel pattern does not match that of the textured surface it is displayed on, moire is created. The mismatch causes a wavy, non-uniform, interference pattern which degrades projected image quality and uniformity.

The Reference PureBright 4K 240 material completely eliminates this problem because the screen material is 100% texture free, which means that there is no textured surface pattern that could cause the creation of the interference patterns. Furthermore, the Reference PureBright 4K 240 material has been tested with LCD, DLP, D-ILA and SXRD projectors to ensure a moire-free picture at various throw distances and viewing angles.

To the left is an example of how moire can impact picture quality. When you zoom in, you see that the competitor's screen creates moire on the woman's dress, causing artifacting patterns that are not supposed to be on the image. Furthermore, the moire pattern also causes discoloration, as green hues are introduced on what is supposed to be a completely blue dress in the competitor's image.

Absolutely No Hot Spotting Within the Viewing Cone

A big problem that you see with all but the best ambient light-rejecting screens is an issue known as hot spotting. Hot spotting results in an area at the center of the screen with high glare and light, surrounded by a comparably darker image at the top, bottom and sides of the screen. As seen below, this results in a very unnatural image. This is not a phenomenon that only cheaper screens suffer from - there are countless examples of significantly more expensive high-gain screens from competitors that suffer greatly from hot spotting, serving as a testament to EluneVision’s engineering efforts in perfecting the Reference PureBright 4K 240 material quality.

Near-Perfect White Field Uniformity

Reference PureBright 4K 240 material provides near-perfect white field uniformity when setup properly following installation guidelines. The brightness will be very even across the entire screen and there will not be areas of the screen which are brighter or dark to the viewer at any viewing angle within the viewing cone. When projecting a pure white scene, the white level will be even from edge to edge, with absolutely no hot-spotting or texturing, demonstrating a reference level of performance and image quality.

Colour Neutrality and Accuracy

EluneVision’s new Reference PureBright 4K 240 material is designed specifically to achieve the highest level of colour reproduction. To achieve this, the material is designed for a completely neutral colour reproduction. The specially designed white base colour maintains colour accuracy across the entire colour gamut. Many other types of video projection materials in the market today will exhibit a shift in hue, either to the blue, green or red. This creates an unnatural balance to the colours and will decrease the colour uniformity and vibrancy.

Above, we see a demonstration of this phenomenon. The top zoom-in shows the competitor's screen versus our EluneVision Reference PureBright 4K screen. Note the color shifts that the competitor exhibits, as well as the perfect colour accuracy of the EluneVision Reference PureBright 4K 240 material, resulting in a perfect image.

Fully Opaque Screen Material

The Reference PureBright 4K series uses an extremely durable, yet flexible, double layered material. The first layer is consists of the optical viewing surface. The second layer is a fully black material that is opaque to all visible light.

The light absorbing black backing effectively stops light loss through the back of the screen. This results in more of the projected image reflecting back through the audience. With the increase in projected light not only improves contrast levels, colour saturation and brightness, it also allows for the projector to be optionally run at a lower brightness setting, saving electricity and lamp life. Many projection materials sold today do not have the black backing and many manufactures claim they have opaque material. In reality, when the materials are held up to the sun, the light will pass right through showing the loss of light.

2. Perfectly Flat Screen Surface

EluneVision Reference PureBright 4K screens use an easy to install snap on pre-calibrated anchor tensioning system. Each side of the frame has 5 to 20 screw anchors, providing a perfectly flat viewing surface.

The screens use a two-stage tensioning system. The first stage is composed of a frame tensioning system, where screw anchors are used to fine tune the amount of force required to pull the material perfectly flat. The Reference PureBright 4K series uses no fewer than 20 anchor points to fix the screen material to the frame.

The second stage uses force equalization rods, which are inserted into the perimeter of the material to distribute the tension force evenly across all anchor points. The rods ensure that there is no sagging, creases or V waves in the material.

The Reference PureBright 4K two-stage tensioning system means that the screen will be completely flat, and will remain so year after year.

3. Solid and Luxurious Construction

High Density Velour Pure Black Finish

During the engineering and design process of the Reference PureBright 4K series screens, we decided that we wanted to improve upon the standard frames used in the industry. The specifications we set forth was to increase light absorption, as well as overall fit and finish. After researching different possible ways to accomplish these two objectives, we found the answer. By using a high density velour material, we achieved a significant increase in light absorption and managed to achieve a high end, plush and luxurious finish.

Look to the photo on the left, where a more expensive competitor's frame was placed beside ours in a highly light-flooded room - the EluneVision Reference PureBright 4K screen absorbed all the light, while the competitor's screen struggles.

Forged Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Construction

The entire frame on the Reference PureBright 4K screens is made from forged aircraft-grade aluminum. The all aluminum construction means that the screen will not bend or bow under any circumstances. The frames are forged as a single piece and therefore do not have any weak points where it may break or deform under strain.

The 45 degree edges of the frames are cut using an industrial high precision CNC laser cutter, ensuring only the highest precision cuts. This means that the corners line up perfectly, creating a seamless frame with no visible joins at the corners.

Easy Installation

The EluneVision Reference PureBright 4K series screens come with step by step picture instructions that are precise and clear. Typically, all you need is floor space and 45 minutes to assemble our screens. We try to make it as easy and as hassle free as possible to assemble our products.

Each screen includes wall brackets which allow you to install the screen safely and easily by hanging the screen much like a large picture frame. The wall brackets are kept out of sight behind the screen and the screen is held less than an inch from the wall.

4. Our Commitment to Quality and Value

Long Term Durability

A screen is something you want to use for many, many years. It is key to purchase a quality screen so that it will outlast many generations of projector upgrades. The projector’s screen is like a painters canvas - a quality screen is needed to show the full performance of today’s 1080p and tomorrow’s 4K projectors. The material itself is extremely strong and cannot be easily torn by hand. The screen material can be cleaned easily with mild soapy water and a sponge.

Unparalleled Performance

The performance of the Reference PureBright 4K series is unrivalled when it comes to performance in your home theater room, at costs which are much lower than other Reference-quality screens. The Reference PureBright 4K 240 material has the best sharpness, resolution, detail clarity, white field uniformity of any high-gain screen. The screen also does not suffer any of the drawbacks such as graininess, texturing and hot spotting that competing screens suffer from. The Reference frames single-handedly beat much more prestigious brands which offer low-quality velvet, which are comparatively ineffective at absorbing stray light.

Five Year Warranty

The EluneVision Reference PureBright 4K Fixed-Frame Screen is backed with a 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Superior Value

The value of the Reference series is far superior to that of competitors. In a high-ambient light environment, in terms of both value and performance, the Reference PureBright 4K screens stand alone.

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