EluneVision Reference Studio 4K Tab-Tensioned Motorized In-Ceiling Screen EV-TIC-150

Model: EV-TIC-150

The Reference 4K In-ceiling Tab-tensioned Motorized screen is engineered for both performance and integration. The Reference Studio 4K In-ceiling Tabtensioned

Motorized screen utilize the Reference Studio 4K 10 EL material with our Pure-Flat tabtensioning system, providing 4K reference level video

performance, while at the same time, provide a flat projection surface that ensures, no hot-spotting or

texturing, giving the user maximum picture quality.

The flush, sleek aluminum trim of the Reference 4K In-Ceiling Tab-tensioned Motorized screen integrates seamlessly in any home theater or office environment.

Already have a drywall ceiling? No problem! Removable end covers allow for installing the screen in place, and

covering up with no drywall patching required.

The Reference 4K In-ceiling Tab-tensioned Motorized screen features:

ceiling recess design

ease of installation, no drywall patching required

reference 2D and 3D performance

texture free screen surface

pure-flat tab-tension system

professional all-aluminum housing

multiple screen control options

Wired trigger for professional integration

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