EluneVision Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K Tab-Tensioned Screen EV-T3AW-150-4K

Model: EV-T3AW-150-4K

Through over a year of research and development of an acoustically transparent material, EluneVision has developed a material that meets our standards in minimal texturing, hole size and the highest perforation density in the industry. During the entire design process, two things were paramount: produce a material capable of both displaying the full detail of 1080p and 4K resolution video sources with minimal light loss and produce a screen that is completely transparent to sound.

The material is an extremely fine and yet acoustically transparent material that has over 2000 holes per square inch, which now sets the bar for the entire industry. Each sound perforation is only 0.0026" by 0.0035" in size.

The other engineering challenge was to deliver all the advantages of our Reference Studio 4K 100 material to the AudioWeave 4K. This meant designing a screening that has no texturing, no hot spotting and with perfect colour uniformity.


During the Research and Development phase of the screen, the key factors that make a good acoustically transparent screen were determined:

Sound Transparency: the ideal screen should not alter the sound signal from the speakers in any way.

Video Transparency: The ideal screen weave screen should match the performance of our Reference Studio 4K 100 material, which does not degrade the video source in any way.

Reference Audio Performance:

Unmatched Acoustic Transparency

Superior Audio Transparency Explained

Reference 4K Video Performance:

Maximum Resolution and Detail Reproduction with Minimum Light Leakage

Moiré Free With All Projection Technologies

Reference-Class 2D and 3D Performance

The Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K material is designed to maximize detail, resolution and uniformity for both 2D and 3D projection. To get the best 3D immersive experience, the screen must be free from artifacts, hot spots and as texture-less as possible. Any flaw in the material and in the reproduction will contribute to a loss of immersion and viewer fatigue due to increased cross talk.

Near-Perfect Lambertian Diffuser Viewing Surface

Extremely Fine and Smooth Weave to Maximize Detail Clarity

Near Perfect Pixel Geometry

No Sparkles or Graininess - Complete Invisibility of Screen Material

Absolutely No Hot Spotting - 100% Screen Transparency

Perfect White Field Uniformity

Colour Neutrality and Accuracy

Ultra Wide Viewing Angle

Perfectly Flat Screen Surface

Pure-Flat Tab-Tension System

Solid and Luxurious Construction

Professional All-Aluminum Housing

Support for in Ceiling Installation

12V Wireless Trigger (Optional)

Designed with Installation Versatility in Mind

Remote and Wall Control Offering Ease of Use

Easy to Adjust Down Limit Controls

Quiet Tubular Heavy Duty Motor

Our Commitment to Quality and Value

Long Term Durability

A screen is something you want to use for many, many years. It is key to purchase a quality screen so that it will outlast many generations of projector upgrades. The projector’s screen is like a painters canvas - a quality screen is needed to show the full performance of today’s and tomorrow’s projectors. The material itself is extremely strong and cannot be easily torn by hand. The screen material can be cleaned easily with mild soapy water and a sponge.

Unmatched Performance

The performance of the Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K series screen material is equal or better than the best purposefully designed HD materials in terms of audio-transparency, sharpness, resolution, detail clarity, white field uniformity and viewing angle. The screen also does not suffer any of the drawbacks such as comb filtering, harmonic distortion, graininess, texturing and hot spotting that lesser-name screens suffer from. The Reference Studio 4K 5” frames single-handedly beats much more prestigious brands which only offer 1.5” to 3” frames, far too narrow for a screen of the EluneVision Reference Studio 4K caliber.

Three Year Warranty

The EluneVision Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K Tab-Tensioned Screen is backed with a 3 year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Superior Value

The value of the Reference Studio AudioWeave 4K series is far superior to that of competitors. We offer better audio and video performance with much greater quality frames for about a third of our performance competitors prices. In terms of value and performance, the Reference Studio 4K line stands alone.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

EluneVision stands behind each and every one of our screens. Unlike many other companies which require you to send the product back for repair, we simply just send you a replacement screen. This is our promise and commitment to our clients and customers. Before the new screen is sent out, another round of meticulous inspection is carried out to ensure that a flawless product is received. We work with all our resellers to ensure top level service for our customers.

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