EluneVision Titan Tab-Tensioned Motorized Projector Screen EV-T2-120-1.2-4:3

Model: EV-T2-120-1.2-4:3

Professional All-Aluminum Housing

The Titan series screens have a sleek, white aluminum housing that is both durable and attractive. Our specially designed professional square housing allows the introduction of a rail mounting system which gives you the freedom to place the mounting brackets where you want. This ensures that installation is a breeze.

Tab-Tensioning System for a Flatter Screen Surface

EluneVision's Titan screens use a tab-tensioning system designed to keep the screen flatter than a regular motorized screen, both initially and over time. While the material of all motorized screens tends to start sagging over time, the Titan's tab-tensioning system helps keep the screen flat, allowing the user trouble-free enjoyment for many years. The reason that tab-tension screens are flatter than regular motorized counterparts is due to the use of both horizontal and vertical tension.Support for in Ceiling Installation

The screen is specially designed with RF receiver built into the screen housing. This receiver allows the use of RF remote control. This means that the screen can be hidden away for in-ceiling installations.

Heavy Bottom Metal Bar to Keep the Screen Flat, Year after Year

A weighty steel bottom bar is used despite the extra costs added to the manufacturing of the screens. The extra weight of the steel bar keeps the screen flat and wrinkle free for years of use. Unlike our competitors, the Titan series screens, through the use of steel bar and heavy duty materials, will be in great condition after years of use.

Triple-Layered, Fiberglass-Enforced Screen Material

The Titan series uses an extremely durable, heavy duty, triple layered material. The first layer is consists of the optical viewing surface. The second layer is a thick fiberglass layer giving the material strength and durability. The last layer is a fully black material that is opaque to all visible light.

Whisper-Quiet Motor Operation

EluneVision electrics use a combination of quiet and reliable synchronous motors and the self-adjusting bearings to achieve low noise. The screen rolls down smoothly, as the motors feature our patented technology to remove vibration and noise.

Screen Drop Limit Controls

The EluneVision Titan screen has drop limit controls, allowing the user to set how far the screen will drop down automatically. This eliminates the need to manually stop the screen every time you want to use it - instead, you simply set up the limit once.

12V Trigger Output

To be used in conjunction with the drop-down limit controls, the Titan screen has a 12V Trigger port that can be wired to your projector. This allows the screen to be fully automated - when you turn the projector on, the screen drops down automatically. Similarly, when you turn the projector off, the screen will be rolled back up into its housing automatically.

Worry-Free Packing

All EluneVision screens come packaged in two layers of 1 cm thick cardboard. This ensures that your screen is not damaged during the shipping process. In addition to the outer cardboard packaging, the screen housing is covered by a layer of plastic film to ensure the frames are delivered in impeccable condition. The material is well protected, as all parts are tied down to prevent any knocking during transportation.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

EluneVision stands behind each and every one of our screens. Unlike many other companies which require you to send the product back for repair, we simply just send you a replacement screen. This is our promise and commitment to our clients and customers. Before the new screen is sent out, another round of meticulous inspection is carried out to ensure that a flawless product is received. We work with all our resellers to ensure top level service for our customers.

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