Jenn-Air 36” Induction Downdraft Cooktop

Model: JID4436ES
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  • Keeping sight lines open while offering exceptional efficiency and flexibility, this induction downdraft cooktop offers the cooking power of gas and the cleanability of electric while rapidly clearing the air of cooking vapors without the need for an overhead ventilation system.
  • Induction TechnologyCooks like gas, looks like electric, outperforms both. By converting cookware into the heat source, induction technology gives you fast, efficient and outstanding cooking power.Downdraft VentilationDeveloped and refined by Jenn-Air, a downdraft ventilation system uses proximity ventilation to capture smoke, steam and odors at the cooking surface, whisking them down and out of the kitchen before they can escape.
  • Convertible to Duct-Free VentilationKeep the view from your kitchen open and free from ductwork with this optional kit that allows conversion to duct-free ventilation.Pan DetectionA sensor detects your cookware before enabling an element. When it is removed, the element automatically switches off.Performance BoostQuickly heat cookware, boil liquids and sear meats by raising the cooking temperature above the highest setting for up to 10 minutes, available on all induction elements.Flexible Induction ElementsThese elements offer the flexibility to cook using different sizes of cookware on the same element.2 Fan Speed SettingsProvide a range of ventilation power to accommodate your precise cooking needs.350 CFM Blower CapacityRapidly and efficiently clears the air of vaporized grease, smoke and steam that can damage walls and cabinetry.Ceramic Glass SurfaceBeautiful, jet-black glass surface presents a stylish appearance and wipes clean easily.Control LockControl Lock prevents unintended use of the cooktop and ensures complete, simple cleaning of the controls.Electronic Touch ControlsIntuitive, highly precise controls are activated by light pressure, look elegant and allow for easy cleaning.Element TimersSeparate timers for each element allow you to easily time several dishes at once.Euro-Style Stainless DesignA refined design that satisfies contemporary and traditional tastes and blends in with other Jenn-Air Euro-Style Stainless appliances.Hot Surface IndicatorsKnow in an instant whether a cooktop element remains hot, even after the cooktop has been turned off.Induction Bridge ElementExpands the cooking surface by combining two induction elements into one larger, oval-shaped element for use with longer cookware such as griddles or Dutch ovens.Keep Warm™ FunctionThis function, available on all induction elements, keeps foods and delicate sauces at their ideal serving temperatures while other items finish cooking.LED Ambient LightingGently illuminating the downdraft vent, ambient LED lighting elegantly shows cooking vapors being captured and demonstrates the downdraft ventilation system’s power.Quiet OperationIntegrated with the countertop and cabinetry, downdraft ventilation keeps much of the sound of ventilation out of the kitchen, making it conversation-friendly.Timer FunctionSets the downdraft ventilation system to automatically shut off, even if forgotten about.Duct-Free Filter KitThe duct-free filter efficiently captures smoke, grease and moisture, resulting in a consistently fresh kitchen with an inviting, open design without requiring ducting.


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