Jenn-Air TriFecta Dishwasher with 40 dBA

Model: JDB9800CWP
by Jenn-Air
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  • Featuring a built-in water softener, multi-point LED theater lighting that minimizes shadows and a removable 3rd level rack for added capacity, this Jenn-Air Trifecta™ dishwasher boasts a 16 place setting capacity, ideal for families that frequently entertain and operates as quietly as 40 decibels.
  • TriFecta™ Wash SystemNo need to choose between brilliant cleaning, water/energy reduction and quieter operations because Jenn-Air TriFecta™ dishwashers deliver all three. Its three-stage filtration, pressurized wash arms and alternating wash action in two wash zones yield superlative results.Multi-Point LED Theater LightingRamp-up LED theater lighting brightly illuminates the dishwasher’s tub, ensuring you can clearly see when loading and removing dishes and cookware.
  • Built-in Water SoftenerEnjoy outstanding dishwasher results with a built-in water softener that softens water to enhance performance, helps protect the dishwasher from limescale, and reduces spots and watermarks on dishes and glasses.Upper and Lower Racks with UltraGlide RailsA premium system with strong, stable upper and lower racks that glide smoothly on high-end rails, each featuring stainless steel ball bearings.Removable 3rd Level Rack with RollerGlide™ DesignFrom spatulas or whisks to ladles, this removable, top-most rack holds difficult-to-place items. Also can be used for overflow silverware.Precision Dry OptionA premium option that automatically and precisely pairs the optimal drying cycle with your selected wash cycle.Sensor Wash Cycle with ClearScan™ Turbidity SensorThe most advanced and versatile cycle offered by Jenn-Air, that calibrates your dishwasher to use the optimal wash cycle to clean your dishes based on load size and soil level.SteamFinish OptionA selectable option that helps your stemware glisten with an exceptional shine by generating a cloud of steam before the final rinse cycle for outstanding results.Refresh/Rinse CycleEnjoy the convenience of prerinsing dishes without detergent when not planning to immediately run a full wash load, or refresh clean dishes before guests arrive.Obsidian RacksInterior metal accentsStainless steel accents that showcase attention to detail with a substantial lower spray arm and upper rack handle, give a sense of the craftsmanship behind these dishwashers.Capacitive Touch ControlsPremium controls that are activated by a gentle touch, look elegant and contemporary, and allow for easy cleaning.Exterior Cycle IndicatorA light on the dishwasher’s front panel that provides intuitive feedback on the wash cycle’s status.Add Salt Indicator LightAlerting you when it’s time to add salt to the built-in water softener, this LED indicator light helps you keep your dishwasher optimized for your water hardness.Culinary CaddyKeeping them upright and out of the way for cleaning, this separate, deep basket adds space for tall kitchen utensils.Fold-Away ShelfThis lower rack shelf folds down to add space for long kitchen utensils or allows you to load cups or dishes in two layers.Sliding TinesEasily load either deep dishes or plates and saucers with these lower rack tines that slide apart for deep cookware and together to hold dishes.Light Item ClipsClips that secure small or lightweight items for optimal cleaning. Easily repositionable where needed.Waterlock™ Flood Protection TechnologyA technology that detects excessive water, shuts off the dishwasher water supply (if necessary) and helps protect your kitchen.

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