KitchenAid NSF Commercial flex-edge tamper for KSBC1B0 stand blender

Model: KSBC9FT
by KitchenAid
Authorized Dealer
  • Description
  • Specification
  • Stop struggling with inconsistent drink output and use this KitchenAid KSBC9FT flex edge tamper to help push ingredients towards your blender's blades to fully incorporate them into the product. Featuring a durable rubber construction with flexible edge, this item is great for tamping tough ingredients into the blending vortex or scraping them off of the blender jar's sides.

    It is also a great tool to have on hand when preparing drinks with multistep recipes, so you can be assured each step is getting fully blended into the drink. Ease of use could not be simpler either; just turn off your blender, waiting for the blades to stop spinning, and insert the tamper through the ingredient cap on your jar. Once your ingredients are scraped off of the sides or pushed into the blades, replace the cap and resume blending!
  • Length: 11 1/2"

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