KitchenAid 36 Inch Under-the-Cabinet 3-Speed Canopy Hood

Model: KVUB606DSS
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  • This 36-inch canopy hood provides the coverage necessary over a 30- or 36-inch cooking surface. Features like auto speed sensing ensure that the ventilation system will provide the power needed to protect your cabinets from steam, grease, and moisture. Four LED task lights provide ample light when cooking and two halogen night lights provide ambient light for the kitchen.
  • 600 CFM/65K BTU ThresholdAllows installation over any KitchenAid regular 36- or 30-inch range or cooktop, and some commercial-style cooking surfaces with outputs up to 65K BTU.Perimeter VentilationIncreases ventilation system efficiency by pulling air from the edges of the hood and speeding up the movement of air at the center, allowing it to efficiently handle up to a 65K BTU total output.
  • Programmable Off FunctionCan be set to automatically turn off after a period of time.LED Task LightsProvide extra lighting over the cooking surface to help in the cooking process.4-Speed Electronic Touch Control with LED DisplayProvides sleek, visual confirmation of your ventilation selections, settings, and filter status.Whisper Quiet System @ 44 dBA (1.3 sones) at low speedEnsures that the ventilation system operates at a quiet level so it can be used while entertaining. At maximum speed, sound level is 68 dBA (7.0 sones).Dishwasher Safe Grease FiltersFilter reduces steam, grease, and odor to help avoid contact with ceilings and countertops. The design increases filtration by obstructing the path of vented air to help capture more steam, grease, and odors as they are drawn through the vent.Easy In-line ConversionConverts from a traditional set-up to an in-line blower installation for an even more quiet operation. Metal box purchase required.

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