Napoleon Rogue 425 Black Edition with Infrared Side Burner BBQ Grill

Model: R425SIBPBE
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  • Do you ever see your gas grill and want it painted black? There’s no stainless anymore, this grill has turned to black. The Black Edition Napoleon Rogue® 425 with Infrared Side Burner is just the grill for you. The cart and main body are made from durable black, powder coated, galvanized steel, with a matching black porcelain enamel lid. This grill will make a stylish addition to your outdoor living area. Grill different by going Rogue®.

    The Black Edition Rogue® 425 with Infrared Side Burner is more durable than those other grills. The body is made from galvanized steel; in itself is already incredibly corrosion resistant, which is then coated in a black powder coating treatment, which creates an incredibly durable product. Even the control panel and knobs are black. The double panel doors open up to interior propane storage, while the cart provides tool hooks and a removable storage basket. With our new design, you will be grilling faster; assembly time is cut in half, clocking in at a mere 45 minutes. The Black Edition Napoleon Rogue® 425 with Infrared Side Burner fits itself into your life and lifestyle. Fold down one side shelf for even more efficient use of your outdoor space. No other grill gives you such versatility with an affordable price and high quality components.

    The burners on the Black Edition Napoleon Rogue® 425 with Infrared Side Burner provide up to 36,000 BTU’s over 535 of cooking area. The Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ side burner adds even more grilling space where you can grill a quick meal, sauces and sides, or even a restaurant quality steak. The dual level sear plates instantly vaporize any grease that falls from your food, creating flavor, not flare-ups and keeping this grill cleaner. The Rogue® offers style, durability, and affordability. So get out there and grill different. Go Rogue®.

    1. Grill Different. Go Rogue
    2. ACCU-PROBE™ Temperature Gauge
    3. Stainless Steel WAVE™ Rod Grids
    4. Cook With Charcoal On A Gas Grill (not included)
    5. JETFIRE™ Ignition System
    6. Stainless Steel Sear Plates
    7. Space Saving Folding Side Shelves
    8. Detachable Storage Basket
    9. Infrared SIZZLE ZONE™ Side Burner
  • Purchase any Rogue® model
    Free two-piece toolset
    Worth $30

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