Psb Imagine X2T Series Tower Speakers Pair

Model: Imagine-X2-T-BlackAsh
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  • This slim floorstanding model borrows many design innovations from our multiple award-winning Imagine T2 model, yet costs only one third as much! Much of the cost savings come from a simplified cabinet design, but other advancements have allowed us to bring a new level of performance to this price range.

  • Our Ears are Most Sensitive to the Midrange Frequencies

    The Imagine X2T is a true three-way speaker that utilizes a separate midrange driver in its own tuned enclosure for ideal dispersion and low distortion at high SPLs. The all-new driver is designed specifically for the Imagine X2T. Featuring an injection-moulded poly-filled carbon fibre cone, the 5 1/4" midrange driver features a novel shape and filleted surround to optimize the reproduction of voices. The narrow cabinet design contributes by preventing diffraction effects that can create early acoustic reflections that colour the sound of voices and instruments.

    Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome for Extended High Frequencies

    The one-inch dome combines a high stiffness-to-mass ratio for ultra-fast transients and extended response without breakup until well beyond audibility. The high temperature voice coil with ferrofluid cooling allows for high SPL output without compression, and the rare-earth neodymium motor magnet gives high sensitivity and accurate response at the lower end of its response range. A carefully engineered phase plug (the little plate in front of the dome) extends high frequency response and helps control the inevitable high frequency breakup mode while protecting the delicate dome from prying fingers.

  • Frequency Response

    On Axis @ 0°±3dB – 30-23,000Hz

    On Axis @ 0°±1 1/2dB - 40-20,000Hz

    Off Axis @ 30°±1 1/2dB - 45-10,000Hz

    LF Cutoff -10dB - 28Hz


    Anechoic Chamber - 88dB

    Listening Room - 90dB


    Nominal - 8 Ohms

    Minimum - 4 Ohms Bipole/Dipole

    Input Power

    Recommended - 20 - 200 Watts

    Program – 200 Watts

    Acoustic Design

    Tweeter (Nominal) – 2 x 1” (25mm) Titanium Dome with Ferrofluid Neodymium Magnet

    Midrange (Nominal) - 5 1/4” (133mm) Injection Moulded Fibre reinforced Polypropylene Cone Rubber Surround Dual Magnet

    Woofer (Nominal) - 2 x 6 1/2” (165mm) Injection Moulded Clay/Ceramic reinforced Polypropylene Cone Rubber Surround Dual Magnet

    Crossover – 2,200Hz, LR4, 500Hz, B3

    Internal Volume – 1.93 cu ft (54.7L)

    Design Type – 3-Way Sealed Mid-Range Chamber Dual Port Bass Reflex

    Size (W x H x D) - 9 x 40 1/8 x 17 5/8” ** 227 x 1036 x 446mm Spikes add 1” (25mm)


    Net - 52lb (23.6kg)/each

    Shipping – 65lb (29.5kg)/each

    Finish - Black Ash


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