Whirlpool 5.0 cu. ft. Freestanding Gas Range with Fan Convection Cooking

Model: WFG550S0HB
by Whirlpool
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  • Cook for the family, even on a hectic schedule with this Whirlpool gas range. Skip preheating and cook frozen foods faster21 with Frozen Bake™ technology. Fan convection cooking on this Whirlpool gas range helps eliminate cold spots so you can bake on any rack, while the Keep Warm setting helps finished dishes stay ready to serve in the self-cleaning oven.
  • Frozen Bake™ TechnologySkip preheating and cook frozen favorites like pizza and lasagna faster4 with preprogrammed settings that automatically adjust cooking times for you.Fan Convection CookingBake on any rack with fan convection cooking. It fills the entire oven with heat, so no matter which rack you use, you still get great results.
  • SpeedHeat™ BurnerGet dinner to the table fast with this 15,000 BTU burner that generates the high heat needed to sear and boil quickly.Center Oval BurnerEasily fit large griddles and other longer cookware on this 8,000 BTU fifth burner so they heat evenly on the range top.Cast-Iron GratesWash these cast-iron grates right in the dishwasher when they get messy, thanks to a dishwasher-safe finish that makes them easy to clean.Keep Warm SettingKeep dishes ready to serve while you work on the rest of the meal. This setting delivers low heat to the oven to keep prepared dishes from getting cold.Temperature SensorGet evenly-baked food with a sensor that monitors oven temperature and adjusts the cooking elements.Closed Door BroilingMaintain the optimal cooking temperature for food while still keeping the kitchen comfortable and cool using this broiling temperature management system that helps prevent overheating.Control Lock ModeDisable the control panel to avoid unintended use5.Adjustable Self-Cleaning TechnologyClean without harsh chemicals or special cleaners by running this high-temperature setting that automatically cleans the oven according to a preprogrammed cycle.5.0 cu. ft. CapacityCook large meals with 5.0 cu. ft. capacity.Large Oven WindowKeep an eye on your meal through the large oven window.Hidden Bake ElementGet easier oven cleaning with a hidden bake element.Dishwasher-Safe KnobsRemove the dishwasher-safe knobs for easier cleaning.Upswept SpillGuard™ CooktopClean up faster with a cooktop that has raised edges to help contain spills.Sabbath ModeEnable this mode to set the oven to remain on the "Bake" setting at a constant temperature until it's manually turned off6. When it's turned on, displays, tones and all other cooking and cleaning cycles are disabled.Star-K Certified#1 Selling Appliance Brand in the U.S.A.3#1 selling appliance brand in the U.S.A.3Fingerprint-ResistantHide fingerprints and smudges with steel that easily wipes clean. Available in Black Stainless and Stainless Steel colors.

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