Whirlpool 36-inch Wide Smart Counter Depth French Door-within-Door Refrigerator - 24 cu. ft.

Model: WRF984CIHZ
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  • Get instant access to settings you use most with this counter depth french door refrigerator's touchscreen3 with learning technology. This touch screen refrigerator stores 30% more2 with a pantry inspired layout. The door-within-door design1 of this counter depth french door refrigerator lets the family instantly access favorites whenever they want. This smudge proof stainless steel refrigerator also easily wipes clean.
  • Touchscreen3Get instant access to the settings you use most with an intuitive touchscreen3 that learns, adapts and suggests customized presets based on your family's routines.Fingerprint ResistantHide fingerprints and smudges with steel that easily wipes clean. Available in Black Stainless and Stainless Steel colors.
  • Smart ApplianceCare for your family from your mobile device6.Stores 30% More2 in its Class with a Pantry-Inspired LayoutStore 30% more4 in its class with a pantry-inspired layout and features like an infinity slide shelf that help make room for tall items.The Most Shelf Space in its Class5Door-Within-Door Design1Get easy access to favorites without having to open the entire refrigerator.Cold SpaceGet cold air delivered directly to the gallon door bin to keep milk and drinks at the right temperature.FreezeShield OptionHelps reduce freezer burn in select items and reduce temperature fluctuations from the automatic defrost cycle with the push of a button.Proximity SensorEasily read your display no matter where you are in the kitchen with a sensor that immediately wakes up the appliance when you’re close and adjusts the display text size and volume based on your distance.Infinity Slide ShelfPut small items on the sides and large, high-traffic items in the center with an adjustable center pane that slides back and stops at any point to give you the room you need, even if it's just an inch, so you can fit and find it all.Platter PocketWide, flat items like brownie pans, lasagna and pizza boxes stay tucked out of the way in this space designed to keep them safe from stacking.Deli Drawer with Customizable TemperatureMake temperature adjustments based on the refrigerated foods you'd like to store so things like meat, deli items and drinks are kept in their ideal cooling environment.In-Door-Ice StorageGet an extra full shelf in the refrigerator with an ice bin that's been moved to the door.Triple-Tier Freezer StorageQuickly find frozen food in the triple-tier freezer. Three levels of organization help you avoid stacking or burying so you can see and get to frozen foods faster.Pizza PocketEasily store frozen pizzas upright without the hassle of trying to fit them on flat freezer shelves.Flip AdjustersGet more vertical room when you need it without unloading a thing. Our industry-first flip adjusters raise or lower the pantry shelves two inches with a simple turn even while the shelves are fully loaded.Auto-Humidity CrispersEasily store fruits and veggies of all shapes and sizes and help keep them fresh with automatic humidity control.Panoramic LED LightingQuickly find food with undershelf lighting that reduces shadows and keeps everything in sight to help you find what you're looking for.Nest Learning Thermostat™ IntegrationTake advantage of Rush Hour Rewards to avoid running the defrost cycle during peak energy usage hours8 and integrate your Nest Learning Thermostat™ with the mobile app.Guided ServiceKeep track of scheduled appointments and make sure issues are known using the mobile app to send data from the appliance directly to Whirlpool brand customer service7.Maintenance AlertsGet notifications if your appliance loses WiFi connectivity, which could be the result of a power outage. Also get reminders to change the air and water filters through the mobile app9.Party ModeStart preparing for guests from your mobile device. This mode automatically turns on Fast Ice and Fast Cool settings, speeding up ice production and maintaining cool temperatures while the refrigerator doors are being opened and closed.Control Lock ModeUse your mobile device to remotely disable the control panel to avoid unintended use.Sabbath ModeUse your mobile device to remotely activate the refrigerator to modify lighting, tones and other functions to comply with religious guidelines.Enhanced TroubleshootingGet immediate support for quick solutions by using your mobile device to access troubleshooting videos.

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