Whirlpool 6.4 cu. ft. Smart Combination Wall Oven with Microwave Convection

Model: WOC97EC0HZ
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  • The touchscreen provides instant access to settings your family uses most. You can also control your smart oven with voice commands so you can get other things done.
  • Smart ApplianceCare for your family from your smartphone or tablet3.Scan-to-Cook TechnologyGet the right settings every time. Scan a frozen food barcode with your smartphone or tablet and send recommended or customized cooking instructions straight to your oven for dinner done the way your family wants it4.
  • TouchscreenGet instant access to the settings you use most with an all-new touchscreen that learns, adapts and suggests customized presets based on your family's routines.Digital Meat ThermometerAlways know when food is done with a digital thermometer that automatically monitors the internal temperature of your dishes and turns off the oven when food is fully cooked.Multi-Step CookingMake multi-step meals more simple. Use your smartphone or tablet to send multiple cooking instructions to the oven all at once5. The temperature automatically adjusts based on the recipe you enter for great results without having to monitor your meal.Fingerprint-ResistantHide fingerprints and smudges with steel that easily wipes clean. Available in Stainless Steel.Frozen Bake™ TechnologySkip preheating with Frozen Bake™ technology. Cook frozen food with preprogrammed settings that automatically adjust cooking times so you can get select dinner items like pizza and lasagna from the oven to the table in less time.Proximity SensorEasily read your display no matter where you are in the kitchen with a sensor that immediately wakes up the appliance when you’re close and adjusts the display text size and volume based on your distance.True Convection CookingCook foods faster6 with the addition of a third element plus a fan that distributes hot air evenly over, under and around food so dinner is ready when they are.True Convection Microwave CookingConveniently cook foods and with the same home-cooked results, right in the microwave.Convection ConversionEasily get the right convection cooking temperature. Your oven automatically converts traditional recipes for convection cooking, adjusting cooking times and temperatures for you.Nest Learning Thermostat™ IntegrationIntegrate your Nest Learning Thermostat™ with the mobile app to be alerted if your oven is left on while you're away7.Remote StartWith remote start enabled, use your smartphone or tablet to remotely turn your oven on so it's heated up and ready to cook meals when you are8.Party ModeStart preparing for guests from your smartphone or tablet. With remote start enabled, this mode automatically turns on the Keep Warm setting so dishes stay ready to serve9.Enhanced TroubleshootingGet immediate support for quick solutions by using your smartphone or tablet to access troubleshooting videos10.Guided ServiceKeep track of scheduled appointments and make sure issues are known using the mobile app to send data from the appliance directly to Whirlpool brand customer service11.Self-Close DoorKeep doors from shutting too quickly with the smooth, quiet mechanism of self-close doors.Temperature SensorGet evenly baked food with a sensor that monitors oven temperature and adjusts the cooking elements.Rapid PreheatSave time with 20% faster preheating12. A rear fan combined with the use of all of the elements helps to heat the oven quickly.Control Lock ModeUse your smartphone or tablet to remotely disable the control panel to avoid unintended use13.Sabbath ModeUse your smartphone or tablet to remotely set the oven to remain on the "Bake" setting at a constant temperature until it's manually turned off14. When this mode is enabled, displays, tones and all other cooking and cleaning cycles are disabled.Tap Touch ControlsClean these controls as easily as you use them.Smooth Glide Roll-Out RacksGet quick access to food on even your heaviest dishes with racks that roll out smoothly.6.4 cu. ft. Total CapacityPanoramic Halogen LightingSee food clearly so you can check doneness without opening the door, keeping oven temperature steady for consistent cooking.Bread Proofing FunctionKeep countertops clear as low heat helps dough rise right in the oven.Flush InstallationGet a truly seamless look with a wall oven that fits flush with your existing kitchen cabinets.Microwave AccessoriesConveniently grill, steam, and crisp home-cooked favorites in your convection microwave.Extra-Large WindowKeep an eye on your meal through the extra-large oven window.Scan-to-Connect TechnologyYou don't need to be a tech expert to connect your new appliance. Simply open the Whirlpool app, add your appliance and follow the guided experience to get up and running quickly15.#1 Selling Appliance Brand in the U.S.A.2


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