LG STUDIO SWWE50N3 WashTower™ Smart Front Load 5.0 cu. ft. Washer and 7.4 cu. ft. Electric Dryer with Center Control™

Model: SWWE50N3
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  • LG's Smart Single Unit Wash Tower is an LG innovation built to perform. Able to perform just as well as any washer and dryer pair, the Wash Tower comes as a single unit saving you the hassle of dealing with two separate components. TurboWash™360° uses five powerful jets with variable sprays to give even larger loads a complete clean in under 30 minutes. Built-in intelligence uses AI technology and advanced sensors to detect fabric texture and load size to automatically select the perfect settings. LG's steam technology gently but powerfully penetrates fabrics to virtually eliminate dirt, odors and wrinkles. Expand the limits of your laundry room with the LG ThinQ® app. Select a cycle, start or stop the wash and get notifications about when your laundry will be done, all from your smartphone.

  • Washer Capacity

    5.0 cu.ft.

    Dryer Capacity

    7.4 cu.ft.


    TurboSteam™ technology in the dryer refreshes clothes in between washes and helps sanitize children's toys, decorative pillows and more.

    Allergiene® Cycle

    The Allergiene™ wash cycle goes beyond everyday cleaning, using the power of steam to remove common household allergens in fabrics by more than 95%.

    AI DD® 2.0 Advanced Washing

    Built-in sensors use AI technology to detect fabric texture, soil level, and load size to select the right wash motions, temperatures and more for advanced fabric care.

    TurboWash® 360

    Five powerful jets with variable sprays surround clothes from multiple angles

    so detergent can penetrate deep into fabrics for a complete clean in under 30 minutes.


    ezDispense™ auto dispenses detergent & fabric softener- fill the reservoir once for up to 18 cycles.

    ThinQ® Technology

    No matter where you are, use the ThinQ® app to start the dryer, extend cycle time to avoid wrinkles and receive an alert when clothes are dry.

    Assitional Features

    Center Control® Panel

    AI Sensor Dry

    Soil Sensor

    Energy Star Qualified

  • Overview

    Washer Capacity:  5.0 cu. ft.

    Dryer Capacity:  7.4 cu. ft.

    Type:  Wash Tower


    Touch Buttons:  Yes

    Full Touch Electronic Control Panel with LED Display:  Yes

    Unified Center Control:  Yes


    ENERGY STAR® Qualified:  Yes (Washer + Dryer)

    CEE Tier:  Tier2 (Washer)

    IMEF:  3.1 (Washer)

    IWF:  2.9 (Washer)

    CEF:  Electric: 3.94 Gas: 3.49 (Dryer)


    No. of Wash Programs:  12(+14)

    Wash Programs:  Normal, AI Wash, Bedding, Delicates, Towels, Quick Wash, Heavy Duty, Allergiene™, Perm. Press, Tub Clean, Bright Whites™, Sanitary

    No. of Dryer Programs:  12(+13)

    Wash Programs:  Normal, AI Dry, Bedding, Delicates, Towels, Quick Dry, Timed Dry, Antibacterial, Perm. Press, Steam Fresh™, Heavy Duty, Air Dry


    No. of Wash Options:  18

    Wash Options:  TurboWash™, Steam, Extra Rinse, Prewash, Drum Light, Control Lock, Signal, Wi-Fi/Remote Start, ezDispense™, Cold Wash™, Fresh Care, Delay Wash, Cycle List Edit, ezDispense™ Nozzle Clean, Smart Diagnosis, Cycle Optimization, Brightness, Factory Reset

    No. of Dryer Options:  14

    Dryer Options:  TurboSteam™, Energy Saver, Low Static, Wrinkle Care, Damp Dry Signal, Drum Light, Cycle List Edit, Signal, Smart Diagnosis, Control Lock, Cycle Optimization, Wi-Fi/ Remote Start, Brightness, Factory Reset


    No. of Wash/Rinse Temps:  5

    Wash/Rinse Temps:  Hot, Very Warm, Warm, Cool, Cold

    No. of Washer Spin Speeds:  5

    Washer Spin Speeds:  High, Medium/High, Medium, Low, No Spin

    Max RPM:  1300

    Water Levels:  Load Sensing

    No. of Soil Levels:  5

    Dryer Temperature Settings:  High, Medium/High, Medium, Low/Medium, Low

    Drying Levels:  Very, More, Normal, Less, Damp

    Manual Dry Times:  60 min., 50 min., 40 min., 30 min., 20 min.

    Fabric Care Features

    AI DD:  Yes (Washer)

    TurboWash™ 360 Technology:  Yes (Washer)

    Steam Technology:  Yes (Washer)

    Allergiene™ Cycle:  Yes (Washer, Cloud Cycle)

    Sanitary Cycle:  Yes (Washer)

    AI Dry:  Yes (Dryer)

    Precise temperature Control with Variable Heater:  Yes (Dryer)

    Steam Technology:  Yes(TurboSteam™) (Dryer)

    Convenience Features (Washer)

    TrueBalance™ Anti-Vibration System:  Yes

    4 Tray Dispenser:  Prewash, Main Wash (with liquid detergent cup), Bleach, Fabric Softener

    End of Cycle Signal:  Yes

    LoadSense:  Yes

    Child Lock:  Yes

    Auto Suds Removal:  Yes

    Leveling Legs:  4 Adjustable Legs

    Drum Light:  Yes

    Remaining Time Display/Status Indicator(s):  Yes

    Convenience Features (Dryer)

    3 Minute Installation Check:  Yes

    LoDecibel™ Quiet Operation:  Yes

    End of Cycle Signal:  Yes

    Drum Light:  Yes

    FlowSense™ Duct Clogging Indicator:  Yes

    Wrinkle Care Option:  Yes

    Child Lock:  Yes

    Venting Option:  Electric: 3 Way Venting / Gas: 2 Way Venting

    4 Adjustable Legs:  Yes

    Remaining Time Display/Status Indicator(s):  Yes

    ThinQ® Technology

    SmartDiagnosis™ (v3.0):  Yes

    Wi-Fi:  Yes

    Remote Start and Cycle Monitor:  Yes

    Energy Monitoring:  Yes

    Tub Clean Coach:  Yes (Washer Only)

    Motor and Agitator

    Motor Type:  Inverter Direct Drive Motor (Washer)

    Axis:  Horizontal (Washer)

    Materials and Finishes

    NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Drum:  Yes

    Cabinet:  Painted Steel

    Control Panel:  Plastic

    Top Plate:  Steel

    NeveRust™ Stainless Steel Drum:  Yes (Dryer)


    AAFA:  Yes (Washer Only)

    Power Source

    Ratings:  UL Listed (Washer)

    Electrical Requirements (Washer):  120V, 10 Amps

    Type:  Electric (Washer)

    Ratings:  CSA Listed (Dryer)

    Electrical Requirements (Dryer):  240V 30 Amps

    BTU Rating:  20,000 Feet

    LP Conversion Kit:  383EEL3002D

    Side Venting Kit:  3911EZ9131X


    Product (WxHxD):  27 x 74 3/8 x 32 5/8

    Depth with Door Open:  58" D with door open

    Carton (WxHxD):  30 1/16 x 79 11/32 x 33 23/32

    Weight (Product/Carton):  Electric: 333 lbs. / 368 lbs.

    Limited Warranty

    Parts and Labor:  2 Year

    Direct Drive Motor (Washer):  10 Years

    Drum:  3 Years


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