Whirlpool 2.1 cu. ft. Over the Range Microwave with Steam cooking

Model: YWMH53521HZ
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  • Quickly clean up spills with a wipe in our over the range microwave thanks to its CleanRelease non-stick interior. Free up cooktop space by steaming foods like vegetables or fish1* right in your over the oven microwave, or use sensor cooking that adjusts the cook time so your food comes out of your over the range microwave ready to eat.
  • CleanRelease Non-Stick InteriorQuickly clean up spills with a damp wipe, no special cleaning solutions required.Steam CookingConveniently steams foods such as rice, vegetables and fish with the universal microwave steamer.
  • Sensor CookingAutomatically adjusts time for optimal resultsTurntable On/Off OptionChoose whether the turntable rotates or not to accommodate a wide range of dish sizes.


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