QLED vs OLED: A Guide to Samsung and LG TVs


       Whether you’re buying a TV this Black Friday or just doing research out of curiosity, the distinction between QLEDs and OLEDs is important to know.  Each TV is unique in its own way, but they are both extremely powerful and possess impressive features.  There’s a reason why these models are regarded as the best TVs in modern technology.

       Before we get into the specifics of each TV, it is important to note the main differences between QLED and OLED:

QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode)

  • Quantum Dots convert a spectrum of light into different colours
  • Uses liquid crystals for clarity
  • LED backlight for brightness

OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode)

  • An OLED only emits light when electricity is applied
  • Uses organic molecules to generate colour
  • Does not use backlight

 This is how the Samsung QLED and LG OLED TVs compare against one another: 





4K - 8K Resolution: 33 Million Pixels

4K Resolution: 8.3 Million Pixels (Individually Lit)


Samsung AI Quantum Processor

2nd Generation α9 Intelligent Processor

Voice Assistant

Samsung Voice Assistant Bixby

Google Assistant and Alexa


Wider Variety of Sizes (49” - 88”)

Available in 55”, 65”, 77”



Less Intense Blacks

OLED allows for “True Black”


High Resolution Allows For Great Picture Quality

More Intense Colours From OLED pixels

Screen Depth

Backlight Makes for Thicker Screen (2 inches)

No Backlight Allows for Thinner Screen (from 4mm)


Greater Brightness (2000 nits)

Less Powerful Brightness (800 nits)

Light Bleed (Blurred Colours)

Can Suffer from Light Bleed

Individually Lit Pixels Prevent Possibility of Light Bleed


Less Expensive (55” for $1,200)

More Expensive (55” for $2000)

Burn-In (pixel burnt into screen)

Not vulnerable to “Screen Burn-In”

OLED Allows Possibility of “Screen Burn-in”

Power Consumption

Uses More Energy Due to Backlight

No Backlight Results in Less Energy Consumption


Better for Bright Rooms

Better for Dimly Lit Rooms

        As you can see, both QLED and OLED TVs have their fair share of pros and cons.  Depending on your needs and budget, the decision between these two powerhouse TVs can be difficult.  Hopefully, this article makes your decision a little bit easier.

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